Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Yesterday, I was totally devastated at the news that Steve Irwin had died.
Today, I am over the moon because it is RAINING!! RAIN!!! REAL RAIN!! And it smells sooo good! Not just some freak storm that lasts all of 2 minutes, but real rain! Hooray!
I'm still sad about the family Steve Irwin left behind, but I suppose that many people die and leave families behind. At least he died doing what he loves. But still, so sad.
Oh and by the way..I'm 12 weeks today!! Yippee!!
We had a good weekend, but I need to go help with school, I'll try to update about it later.


deb said...

I was really sad to hear about his death too. I'm glad its raining for you, it is such a relief probably! I hope the kids are doing well

momofmany02 said...

Glad the rain turned out to be for real!pl

Vicki said...

12 weeks already, wow. That was fast (well maybe not for you, hehe). Rain can be such a peaceful wonderful things, can't it? Enjoy your Rainy day.

We too were really saddened by the news of Steve Irwin... his poor family.

Can't wait to hear about your weekend.

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