Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Can't. Stop. Sneezing. Some allergen must be high today, because I have been a sneezing machine today. Of course, it doesn't help that every single hair on my head has been tickling my nose. Individually!!
So anyway, I had my 3 hour test yesterday. It wasn't too fun, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated. The hardest part was entertaining 4 kids for 3 hours. But we found a place with tables and chairs and the kids did all their school work. It could have been much worse. I should find out the results on Friday. I'm praying I pass it. But we shall see.
ACK!!! I just got pickle juice on my shirt..I HATE the smell of pickles!
Let me think, there was so much I was going to write here, but got sidetracked with the dumb pickles.
The other night, we were eating carrots with dinner and I said, "maybe if I eat enough carrots, this baby's eyes will be ok" Matthew said he hoped so, and now asks me daily if I've eaten any carrots. I've been eating quite a few carrots, I'll tell you that!
Here's a picture of some of the stuff the kids have been working on in History. They are loving history this year, they get to make so much stuff. The pyramid with the scribbles on it is Collin's.

And just a cute picture. Zachy totally adores Matthew, and the feeling is mutual.

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