Monday, September 11, 2006


And just like that...I declare Zachy potty trained!!
He learned to poop in the potty and that was it. No more accidents. He is officially my youngest potty trained kid! It's pretty amazing, actually.
Can you believe we will actually have a break in between kids in diapers? That has never happened!

It's been pouring, and thundering and lightening all day. The thunder and lightening has stopped for the time being, but it's been glorious!! I have a christmas candle burning and the boys and I are listening to christmas music while we do school. Matt will be thrilled when he comes home and smells the house smelling like a christmas tree! Oh well, he'll get over it!

Things are really pretty good here right now. Matt and I have been under some major stress the last couple of months (not pregnancy related) and it is finally ending. It is such a relief, and life is actually looking good right now. Tomorrow I hit 13 weeks and the sickness is lifting. I think the stress ending is helping the sickies.
At any rate, life is good right now. Now if I could just get a maid to come clean my house after my 3 month hiatus!!! Matt did a pretty good job, but the house is a wreck right now.
Someday, things will be back to normal, and just when that happens, we'll have a newborn in the mix!! Life is GOOD!! Never a dull moment, that's for sure!


gina (uk) said...

What a good boy and so quick as well. Imagine just how quick number 5 will be !!! (well unless its a girl and u will still be having puddles at age 5 ;) )

deb said...

way to go zach!!!

Cory said...

It's been a while since I've been to your journal, and I've been catching up tonight! :) Congrats on the pregnancy and the potty training!!!! How exciting for both! hehe
I LOVE the song you have playing, Martina is one of my absolute favs.

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