Saturday, September 30, 2006

Heart Walk

This morning was the heart walk. It was loads of fun, and we got to meet some other heart families!
The walk was 3 miles and we did it in an hour. We were bringing up the rear, that's for certain! But we started at the very rear so we'll blame that! HAHA!!
Anyway, here are some pictures from the walk.

Here's Matthew before we got started. He wasn't really in a bad mood, it was just the way the camera caught him. Matt says in this picture he looks like such a big kid.

Dillon, waiting to get started.

Waiting to get started. The other little boy is my friend, Maria's, son. He has TAPVR like Zachy.

Here we are (minus me hehe) walking. You can tell there aren't many people behind us. In our defense, our whole group was walking at the end, it wasn't just us being lazy!

Before the walk, they gathered all the heart survivors for a picture. This is Matt's version of Zachy and Maria's Matthew.

And after the walk the kids had fun on the swings.


momofmany said...

I hope you guys had great fun. But where are the pictures of YOU????

ivy said...

Seems like a busy day! Tiring no less?

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