Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We have a PLAN!

Hooray! I love plans.
I saw my new doctor today and all was good. She found baby V's heartbeat right away and said he sounded as happy as a clam. Course, I forgot to ask her what the heart rate was, I was just happy to hear it.
Anyway, she is referring me to a perinatologist. Dr. J. will follow me for the pregnancy part and the peri will follow me for the baby development part. She said for sure there would be a level 2 ultra sound and echo, but that the peri will probably do series of scans throughout the pregnancy to keep on top of things. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to actually be taken care of properly. What a weight off.
In other news, I have been really shakey if I don't eat throughout the day. This always happens to me in the third trimester, not now. But alas, it's been happening.
To back up a bit, with the exception of #1 all of my boys have been born big and with low blood sugars. The nurses have always said, 'oh, you were diabetic, weren't you?' and I've always said, "no, I passed the test" But I've always wondered because of the shakiness.
So back to today, the dr was surpised that I hadn't ever been tested later in my third trimester after the shaking started. She said it was possible to not have diabetes at 24 weeks and then later develop it. So since I'm already shakey, I did a glucose tolerance test today. If it comes back normal, then she'll retest me at 24 weeks. If that comes back normal, they'll retest me at about 32 weeks. Just to be sure everything stays the same.
Course she said I just might be made to have big babies! Hopefully, that is the answer. I'd much rather have big babies than diabetes!
So now I go back to her in four weeks. I wait for the call from the peri to schedule that appointment. And on Friday I get the diabetes results back.
So there's the plan. YAY!!


Shell said...

I'm so glad that things are going so good with the baby... baby Violet right? :)
And I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't have diabities(I don't know how to spell that!.

gina (uk) said...

Well thankfully that have all bases covered with that lot then ! I am so glad they are looking after u well after all u have been through. You know just reading this post makes me so excited for you. OMG your having another baby :)

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