Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Finally, I am able to get pictures up from this weekend. If you missed them, there are pictures from the heartwalk down a few entries.
Saturday night we had induction for Pathfinders and Adventurers.
Matthew is a Pathfinder this year, and he looks so grown up in his uniform. I can't believe I am old enough to have a Pathfinder!! Dillon and Collin are Adventurers and were looking mighty cute in their uniforms as well.
Anyway, just some pictures from the night. I am too lazy to put them in order. Sorry.

Dillon and his friends waiting to get started. The other boy is Cameron, and Dillon has informed us that he is his best friend. They met during VBS this summer, so I guess they just hit it off.

Dillon holding his candle. I don't quite know what they were doing with the candles because I was in the mother's room with Zachy. But they had candles then blew them out.

Collin and his candle.

Afterwards they had food for everyone. This is my silly Cameedle!!

Matthew and Leanne waiting to start things.

All the Pathfinders. I think this may have been during the run through, I don't quite remember.

Pathfinders with their candles. Again, I don't know what they were doing with them. I'm thinking they said a pledge and then blew them out.

Each Pathfinder had to go salute the leader and say a part of the law. Something got screwed up and Matthew had to say 3 different things. Later, a dad said to me, "oh your son is the one with good diction, it was so nice to hear him speak" That was nice to hear!

After the ceremony. Matthew was mighty proud!

That night the clubs had a big sleepover. Here are the boys!

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momofmany said...

woudl love to see pics of your 16 week belly! LOL

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