Thursday, October 26, 2006

Total preggo moment

This morning, Matthew had an appointment with the nuerosurgeon.
Let me explain to you that he has a fatty tumor (lipoma) in his brain. It has been there since birth, and in his 10 years, it has not changed one bit. It causes no problems whatsoever, it just hangs out up there.
We have a very thorough pediatrician who said that while we live in Texas, he would at least like us established with a nuerosurgeon, just in case. In case of what, I don't know. But I'm not against being established with certain drs, in fact, I think it is a very good idea for us. I'm still working on getting in with a craniofacial doc, but that's a whole other issue.
When I made the appointment, they told me to bring all his old films, and that he needed a current MRI, like in the last 3 months current. Since we haven't been seen by them, the ped. has to refer him for that. So, I talked with the ped. who said to just go to the appointment, and they could then order what they wanted, because he didn't know what they would want. Can't say I blame him, MRIs are exactly a one size fits all thing.
So, the appointment was this morning, and last night I realized that it was downtown and I would need money for parking. I went to the gas station on the way, and the ATM was out of money. So I bought something and got cash back to pay for the parking.
We get there, and completely struggle to find a parking spot. The parking garage left a whole lot to be desired, but whatever.
We get to the office and they ask for his films. I explain to them what I have, and why I don't have a current film. Because this isn't causing any problems. Well, they make me sit there forever, then inform me that the doctor will not see him today because we don't have films. ARGH!! I was so upset. I was nearly in tears, and thinking to myself 'if I wasn't pregnant this wouldn't be bringing me to tears!!' I asked them just exactly how I was supposed to go about getting these tests ordered when the pediatrician didn't know what they wanted. To which they replied, 'well, he'll just have to call us' Now see, had they just seen us, for 2 seconds, let us be established, then THEY could have ordered the tests!!
So, I went through all this trouble, had to pay for parking, for NOTHING. Made me grumpy grumpy. My poor kids.
We came home, did school, and now they are all outside playing with their remote control cars. I am baking 2 loaves of zucchini bread, and have batter for 2 more in the fridge.
The pediatrician's office is not happy about any of this, and are working on seeing what needs to be done.
This appointment was made back in August, so we're looking at the end of the year or next before we go back. I suppose that's a good thing, they won't remember me and how they almost made me cry!!

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