Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What I know

OK, here's what I know from the u/s.

Baby has a 3 vessel cord, and a 4 chambered heart. Baby was sitting on it's face in a ball, so we weren't able to tell if there is any clefting. Also, the pulmonary veins are way too little to be seen right now.

Brain looks good, arms and legs look good, and belly and kidneys look good. Baby weighs a whole 6 ounces!! Sooo sweet. :-)

Shockingly, they suspect this baby is a GIRL!!!! Baby was sitting on it's feet when they were looking, but they insist they saw two white lines indicating labia! I sooo badly want to believe this, but am scared to get my hopes up way too high. If anyone has early labia pics I'd LOVE to see them! I can tell you that I definitely didn't see a turtle. I may have a daughter. Wow. How will that ever sink in???

At any rate, I go back on November 6, and will most likely have monthly u/s, and later on we'll do a fetal echo.

All I know is I am head over heels in love with this little baby, and can't wait to meet her. (Can I say that????)


gina (Uk) said...

Wow. Not getting too excited until the next scan. But secretly saying pink prayers !

deb said...

omg omg omg you are getting a girl!!!! I"m glad everything went well

Gina said...

OMG!!!!!!!! Yay! This is soooo crazy! Wait...need to breathe...can't get hopes up yet, just like you said! Oh, who am I kidding? Woohoo! I am sooo excited for November 6th!

Rebekah Castleberry said...

Oh my goodness...PLEASE GOD let it be a girl!!! (jumping up and down doing the happy dance for you over here!) YIPPEEEEE!!!! *crossing my fingers and toes for awhile longer!!*

Crayonsetc said...

I have so many nice little pink outfits to send you :) I am so excited!! I just had a feeling!!!

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