Friday, October 6, 2006

New email address?

So, I've been thinking, my email address...mom2fourboys, isn't going to work so well in a few months.
So what do you all think it will be?
mom2fiveboys or mom2fourboysand1girl???
OK, it isn't like I'll actually use those, but what is your guess?? We find out on Tuesday if this little one cooperates!


Rebekah Castleberry said...

Hey, girl! I'm crossing my fingers AND toes that it will be a GIRL this time!!!!!! BTW...I can't seem to find your TLOL blog anymore?? Do you still post in it?

Gina said...

I'm saying mom2fourboysand1girl!!!!
I am soooo excited for Tuesday!! Let's hope Baby V cooperates! (or better yet, Matt!) should pick a V name. Hmmm...Victor, Valerie, Vanessa....yeah, nevermind! *lol*

deb said...

if you chose those V names the baby would fit in if you ever moved to grandview, or stayed where you are. :)
I am hope you get your babygirl

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