Friday, April 15, 2011


We all know how much I love the Duggars, and I have truly learned a lot from them.  When Jim Bob and Michelle spoke at the Homeschool Convention, they spoke to my heart. 
I'm always telling Matt that such and such a book said this, and he says, "and how many kids do they have?"  Almost always, the author has less kids than us, and then Matt comments that I could write the book and have more knowledge than the author.  This may be true, who knows.
The Duggars, are the exception!  They know a lot about raising kids!  They have been here...right where I am!  And survived!
I have taken so much from them and applied to our lives.
One thing we have applied is a loose buddy system.  The Duggars have an older child paired with a couple younger children.  They are buddies.  The older one helps the younger ones throughout the day.
We started to realize that we need a buddy system, or else I'd be spending all my time tending to the needs of the little girls. 
We have assigned the boys a rotating schedule to be Emily's buddy.  Her buddy buckles her in the car seat, helps her get breakfast, helps her put on her shoes, and any other little thing that she may need.  Of course, big stuff like kissing boo boos and the sort come to mommy. 
The boys usually love the system because it makes them feel important and yet since it isn't every day, they don't get bored with it.
Emily takes this very seriously and won't let anyone unbuckle her in the car except her buddy, and if you are her buddy that day, you lose your name.  She simply calls you, 'buddy'.  It's awfully cute.
The other day, she was wanting some toaster waffles from breakfast.  I was busy tending to Nannie and getting ready to start laundry.  I asked her if she could find her buddy and ask him to help her with that.
She said, "Collin's my buddy, but you're my best friend!  I need YOU to do it". 
Point taken...I got her the waffles.


GinaBeana said...

Oh my word, that is ADORABLE!! Love that girl! And how cute is that pic?? Miss them both SO much!

Anonymous said...

that is just precious! totally re-energizes you as a mother to hear stuff like that. ~~terre~~

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