Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Mama Ain't Happy,Ain't Nobody Happy

Today was a grumpy day.
I have no idea why, but most of the day, things just rubbed me wrong.  Kids kept touching me, and everyone wanted something.
Really, no different than any other day.  I was just grumpy.
And as the day went on, I noticed that everyone around me was getting grumpy.
All day I thought, 'my poor kids don't deserve the grumpy mom they got this morning'.  I just could not shake it.
While I was thinking about how to get out of the funk, I was hit with the need to share with all you moms something that has taken me years to figure out.
I've been doing this mom thing for almost 15 years, and it's just now hitting me.
We've all heard it.  We've all said it.  But do we all believe it?
When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.  For some reason I have always just assumed that was just a cute little saying.  Then I started to really pay attention.  Literally, within the last few months.
Moms, I challenge you, the next time you are grumpy, look around you.  See what happens.
When we start looking like this

Pretty soon everyone is looking like this

WE HAVE POWER!!  These little people react to how we act toward them.  I know, this is a total 'duh' moment, but honestly, think about it.
Nine times out of ten, if your kids are grumpy and fighting, all you have to do is take a hard look at yourself.  Have you been grumpy?
Now, don't get me wrong, I know there are those days when you try your hardest to be happy and your kids are still bickering and whining and just being little grumps.  I get that...believe me, I do.  I still think though, that if you went to the beginning of the moods, you could figure out what happened.
When your darling little child said she didn't want to wear the outfit you had picked out for her, did you react kindly or was there some irritation in your voice?  I know for me, I can answer with a fake smile on my face and some an irritated tone in my voice.  Kids are smart though, they can see right through that.
That one event may set the tone for the rest of the day.  Then she gets more whiny, and you get more grumpy.  It's a vicious cycle!
We must continually remind ourselves that these little people are the biggest blessings we could hope for.  Not a single one of us deserves them, and yet, we are given them. 
So I'm challenging you, and me, to take a step back when kids are getting the grumpies.  How are we acting?  Is it time to take a timeout?  For you, just leaving the room my help.  I know for me, I have to go and pray.  It's the only thing that helps.  Let's remember how quickly this time goes and how happy these little ones make us!
~A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
~Proverbs 17:22
*Don't ask about this picture.  It's awful, I know.  It was taken on the cruise and we are all being silly and making mean faces.  It's the best I could come up with, because I don't normally take pictures of myself being grumpy.
Emily on the other hand.....

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K.W.A.E.P said...

Just found your blog and love it! Love this post too, so so true! You are a great writer! Now following you! Would be thrilled if I could have you as a follower of my blog too,, just started up with just a few followers so far. Have a blessed new year!!! :) :)

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