Thursday, April 14, 2011

I hate feeling like this

Everyone once in awhile, I get to feeling so down about the CHD world.
I know I've written it before, but it just kills me that so many people deal with this.
I know that writing about it can't make it go away.  I just hate it so, SO bad.
Last night I was thinking that if you want job security, you should become a pediatric cardiologist.  There will never not be a need for them.
At the YMCA I am constantly scanning everyone's chest.  I never see any scars.  I wonder why.
I scan because even though I hate all of this, I'm always desperately looking for someone who has been where I have.  I need someone I can connect with.  Someone who understands what it's like to have gone through this hell.  To live this life.
I have loads of CHD friends on line, but I really need someone in real life.
Tonight is my second meeting with the local Mended Little Hearts group.  Could you please pray for me?  That I might meet someone who I can share my fears and joys with.  I would so appreciate it.
I know we'll be ok, and I will survive all of this.  I just need to be lifted up in prayer once in awhile.  :-)

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