Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something I will Never Understand

Last night, I went outside my comfort zone and went to a Thirty-One party.  It was out of my comfort zone because it was with people I didn't know very well.
The party itself was great, and I'm hosting my own party.  If you'd like to order anything, you can do so here.
The thing that struck me odd was a comment made flippantly to me.
I was sitting next to a nice lady, and we chatted off and on.  I honestly do not think she meant anything by this, it is just her perception, and it's ok.  I wasn't offended, it is just common and I don't get it.
Someone commented on the fact that we were both military wives.
She asked me what branch we were in.
I told her the Air Force.
She then commented that she doesn't like Air Force wives.
Umm, ok. 
She didn't seem to mind me, and is coming to my party, ha! 
It is common though. This battle between the forces.
She was talking about how needy AF wives are, and that they can't handle their husband's being gone for any amount of time.
While I'm grateful that Matt isn't deployable, there have been many times during our marriage that we have been apart for long periods of time.  Months, even.
I know she wasn't specifically talking about me, as she knows nothing about me, but it just felt weird being clumped into this stereotype.
I like to think I'm stronger than the type of wife she was talking about.
I have only lived in base housing once, and was surrounded by other AF officers.  This woman is a Navy wife and lives in AF base housing, so she is surrounded by AF wives.  Maybe this is where these feelings come from.
I don't like it.  I don't mind the friendly banter that inevitably happens when the enlisted members find out they are from different forces.  It's the "we are so much better than you because we are Navy(or Marines, or Army)"  that I hate.
As I see it, we're all in this together.  As wives, we all have the fear of losing our husbands (OK, maybe not me since, like I said, Matt isn't deployable).  We all deal with deployments (most of us!). 
We're all in this together!  Let's get along and instead of not liking me because I'm an AF wife, how about supporting me because I'm walking the same walk as you?
I will never understand.

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