Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to do, What to do...

I normally wouldn't blog about this, but I am, just because.
Friday, at play practice, the kids were playing on the playground equipment.  Apparently, Dillon (12) fell off of something and hit his elbow on the corner of something.  On what, I'm not sure.
Never did I hear about it at practice.
Occasionally, I seem to remember him saying, "oh, my funny bone hurts".  Never anything major.
Today he starts telling me that since hitting it Friday it has hurt him a lot.  He says every time he bumps it on something it hurts.  I tried to touch it and he about jumps out of his skin.
He told me that he will wake up in the night and try to sit up but it hurts and he cries.
Again, I've never heard about this.
There is puffiness where it hurts.  Not a ton, but you can see it.
I had planned to take him to the ER (the pediatrician won't see them if they think it could be broken, the choice is the ER or nothing), but then he does things like run around and act like nothing is wrong.
Do we just let it be and say that since we haven't heard anything about it, it must not be that bad?
I just don't know that I want to spend my night in the ER, for nothing.
In the end, I'm sure I'll take him, just to be sure.
And that ends my totally pointless blog post for today!

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