Wednesday, April 27, 2011

oh blah dee, oh blah dah, life goes on....

 I was on such a roll!!  What happened? 
I ran out of things to say.  Maybe.  It just seems so unimportant.
I'll update you on the kids though!  Medical updates, lucky you!
OK first up...Dillon.
Took him to the orthopaedist.  Turns out his funny bone is bruised.  Since it's a nerve, it will take a little while to heal and to stop hurting.  It will be fine though.  While there, they talked about the abnormality they saw at the ER.  They told us at the ER that the abnormality was where the pain is.   However, it wasn't.  It is right at his joint.  They took an x-ray of the other arm, and it also has the same abnormality.  He is actually missing part of his elbow bone, and the cartilage.  This is on both elbows.  Right now, it doesn't cause him any problems, but in the future, it could cause catching and pain.  Time will tell!
Zachy.  You didn't know there was an issue with Zachy.  There isn't.  Phew.  The doctor got an alert from his transmission saying a lead wasn't working.  We had to go in to make sure it hadn't come loose and wasn't floating around in his heart!  Turns out, it was a glitch in the system, and his lead is working just fine.  Thank goodness!!
Matthew saw the ophthalmologist the other day.  We really, really don't like him.  I could go on and on about why we don't, but that's pointless.  Anyway, the good news is he decided he would refer us to the glaucoma doctor off base, and won't be seeing Matthew anymore.  I hope we like the glaucoma doc!! 
Let's see...I think that's it.  We have dentist appointments on Friday, which is always so much fun.  Ha!!  Actually, my kids love the dentist, so it's not bad. 
Other than all these appointments, we have been so busy with school and swimming and play practice.  Zachy passed to the next level in swimming.  He had his first lesson on Tuesday.  He moved from the therapy pool, to swimming laps in the big pool.  He really struggled and his teacher told me he really lacks the endurance at this point to make it across the pool.  Hopefully, he overcomes this quickly!
Collin chose not to do swimming lessons this month.
Emily is in her same class, doing so great.  I'm so proud of her, and I think she'll be passing pretty soon.
OK, I'm done rambling.  Maybe I'll come up with something good to write soon!

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