Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Won't Be Ready

Our eldest two are away at a Pathfinder lock in tonight.
I miss them!
They won't even be gone 24 hours, but it just isn't the same without them here.
I am going to be in big trouble when they grow up and begin to leave.
People have told me that when it's time for them to leave, I'll be ready.
I don't see it.  I can't imagine ever being ready for them to leave.
I genuinely enjoy being with my kids.

Of course there are times when they drive me up the wall, but overall, I love having them around.
It just so happens that I have great kids, so it's easy to love having them around. ;-)

I had an old friend tell me the other day that I am crazy because I am with my kids all day, every day.
That makes me sad.  Why does it make me crazy?
Oh well!  I'll be crazy!
Hurry up Noon on Sunday...I miss my kids!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You won't be ready... look how bad I am with Danni. I HATE not having her with me all the time. It's hard to let them grow up! Thank goodness for cell phones, I really don't know how people do it without them.
love ya,

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