Friday, April 8, 2011

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

For the last five years that we were in Texas, I have missed spring and fall something fierce. I was so excited to move someplace where there was four seasons.
Only when we got here it was winter. We got her in November and shortly after we arrived, it started snowing. This was fine and dandy for, oh, about a month or two. But then it didn't stop. It just kept on being cold, and snowing.
The first day of spring came and went.
As people were reminding me that I had wanted four seasons, all I could think was that winter was overstaying it's welcome!
I still think that! Just the other day it was spitting snow. In April for Pete's sake!
Finally, trees are starting to flower. And they are gorgeous! They don't have these kind of trees in Texas! Most of the trees still don't have leaves though, and I can't wait to see the all green and leafy.
I'm anxiously waiting to see what will come of the tree in our front yard. I was certain it was a magnolia tree, but all the magnolia trees are blooming and ours barely has buds. Now that I see them blooming I realize the branches look different. No idea what it is though.
I was so hoping for some daffodils or tulips, but apparently the old owners never planted those, so no flowers in my yard. BOOOOO!!!
Our back yard is wooded, and I am just so anxious to see what the future holds.
Meanwhile, the house across the street has a tree with beautiful white flowers on it. I look at it and remind myself that spring has indeed sprung.

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