Sunday, January 1, 2006

All about me!

This is the rebirth of my old journal, Simple Gifts.
When I started my journal over 4 years ago, it was with the desire to share my family with our extended family. When we moved nearby, that seemed to not be necessary anymore. Now we live far far away from any family so I decided it was time for a rebirth.
I often find that when I trip upon someone's blog, I want to know more about their past. I tend to head to their first blog entry to see what it says. So I figure I will give you a good idea of who we are here, then you won't have to search through endless, meaningless entries!
Where to start? I guess I 'll just talk about the really important stuff to me.
I have been married to my husband, Mr. Wonderful, for 11 years. We wed when we were just 18 years old. What were we thinking?! But, life is good! We couldn't be happier.
Today, he is an audiologist in the USAF, and I'm so proud!
I stay at home with our 4 children. All boys.
Our eldest is 9. He is in the 4th grade, and we homeschool him. He is so great. He was born with mutiple birth differences. A cleft nose, cataract in the right eye (he is now blind in that eye), and a lipoma (fatty tumor) in his brain. The lipoma has no affect on him, praise God! He has definitely had trials to overcome. To date he has had 8 surgeries, and there are more in his future. Through it all he remains strong.
Our second boy is 7. He is the lucky kid. He is in first grade and is homeschooled as well. He was born perfectly healthy, and continues to be very healthy to this day.
Dear son number 3 is now 4 years old. He is severely near sighted. I know this seems common, but he is not common. Currently, he is in glasses, but the opthalomologist just talked to us about getting him in contacts. She says that everything he sees is small. Wierd. Anyway, we'll be thinking and praying on that topic. Other than his eyes, he is a picture of health.
Our fourth son is now 2. He was born with a life threatening heart defect called, Total Anomolous Pulmonary Venous Return, or TAPVR. There is a link about this in my sidebar.
He underwent open heart surgery when he was 2 days old, and has thrived since then. He is a miracle. The cardiologists say his heart is as healthy as a heart healthy kids. Amazing.
As for me, I'm a sahm. I struggle with finding myself amongst all the people in the world. Seems that the things I believe in and advocate or pretty crazy. I believe in extended breastfeeding. I believe children should be home with their parents and that their parents should have more influence on them than their peers. I believe in cosleeping(although ds #4 is moving out of our bed, he always ends up there by morning, along with ds#3). I believe in God deciding our family size(dh and I don't see eye to eye on this issue, yet...). I believe in wearing my babies. And I don't believe that women should be equal to men. Women were created to be man's helper. I am not Mr Wonderful's equal, I am his helpmeet. He is the head of this home.
I struggle with juggling drs appts for the kids. And I struggle with the military!
I struggle to find time for friends. I often wonder if I should even have friends because I find it hard to keep up with everyone! I try though.
But through it all, I really couldn't be happier. I love all God has given me, and feel so blessed.
If you made it this far, you now know a little (lot) about me.
I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I will enjoy bringing it to you.
One more thing, I plan on updated at nighttime only after today. Hopefully daily, but we will see.
Happy new year everyone!


Gina said...

hey Bek! glad to see you blogging again! :D

Crayonsetc said...

Yay!!! She's Back!!!

gina (uk) said...

Glad that u let me continue to read your journal, as u are indeed a great woman and a lovely friend to have. Happy 2006 hon.

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