Monday, January 23, 2006

Letter to the kids

I was sent this letter that a mom wrote to her CHD child. I'd like to change the name and use it for M,C, andZ. So here it is.

Dear Matthew, Collin, and Zachy,

When you want to scream, "Why me?" remember that this "difference" is a
gift. God has allowed you the opportunity to be an example to many

He has allowed you the chance to see others who are in need, and
because you
must go a little slower, you can take the time to reach out to them and
welcome them to come along.

He has given you the chance to create your own dance and be your own
You have learned that it is okay to be who you are and that "you" are a
wonderful person to be.

He has given you friends who walk beside you and cheer you on.

He has given you family who will carry you whenever you are in need.

Why you? Who else could teach me to hold tightly to my children,
they are not really mine. They have only been loaned to me until their
heavenly Father receives them home.

Who else could teach me to tell others they are loved because tomorrow
not come.

Who else could show me that despite my selfishness, selflessness does
within me. I would quickly and gladly take this suffering from you and
it my own.

You have given, you have taught, you have loved.

Why you? Because God knows your strength, your beauty, your joy. He
that you can carry this cross, when there are many others who could
not. He
knows in His heart that you can handle the differences in yours. He
that you could take this blessing and bring others to Him because of
You are an angel given a delicate package.

So, whenever you say the words, "Why me?" do so with reverence and awe.
God has chosen you - with love.

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