Friday, January 20, 2006

Movie Review Time

Time to give you some of my opinions on different movies. Aren't you lucky??
The Perfect Man is a cute movie. We enjoyed it, although it isn't what I expected. It is rated PG, and would have been fine for the kids, but mine wouldn't have been interested in it. It may be more of a chick flick. But it was clean and funny and heartwarming.
Herbie: Fully Loaded I love this movie. We saw it in the theaters and then again this month. It is really good. It made me cry both times, but I'm a major sap. Great for my older kids. Collin and Zach were a bit bored with it, but they're little. Good family movie.
The March of the Penguins Oh My, we just finished this movie. Has there ever been a bird as remarkable as the emperor penguin? Matt was bored with this movie, but the kids and I loved it. It was a bit sad, but it was real life. Some chicks just don't make it through the winter, and some adults do get eaten by leopard seals. It's sad, but reality. This movie will open your eyes to a whole new world. And let me say that people who think this all happens do to evolution need their stuffing examined. These guys are so precise, and it is precision necessary for survival, it has to be a God thing. It's very educational and entertaining. I think we may buy this movie.
Kronk's New Groove The kids loved this movie. I didn't think it was nearly as good as The Emperor's New Groove, although it did teach a good lesson on being happy with who you are and not caring what other people think of you. I'd say it is just okay. Not great, but not too bad.
There you have it, our recently watched movies. Aren't you glad? ;-)


Matt said...

It's not that I was super bored. It would have been a nice movie if there wasn't a lot of background noise and playing around by little ones. It would have been good on the big screen(without kids).

Anonymous said...

Matt is there such a thing as no kids anymore? :)

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