Monday, January 23, 2006

Wow...two nights in a row!!

Zachy slept all night again last night. Well from 12-8, but still that's 8 hours of solid sleep for me. I'll take it! Collin stayed in bed too. In fact, he's still asleep. Must have been tired.
Matt really hurt his back yesterday, helping with the move. So I didn't exercise last night. He said I could have, and he would have just recorded Crossing Jordan, but he was pretty miserable. So instead, I spend the evening printing out old journal entries, for a private journal I've had. I managed to make it through 2004. So someday, I'll catch up with 2005, and then I will work on this new blog. I should really keep up on this. Dillon asked me what it was last night, and I told him that someday, he could read it, and see just how much I love them. He said, "that whole thing is about US??" I said, "yep, pretty much" That thrilled him to no end.
And I do love them, so much. I was thinking this morning that I'm so lucky to have kids that make me laugh! I don't even remember what happened, but Zachy was cracking me up.
Speaking of cracking up, last night when I laid down with Zach to get him to sleep, he just started giggling. It was so funny. I have no idea why he was giggling, but it was cute. Then he started blowing raspberries on me, instead of nursing, so we got up and did dishes. But it was pretty funny.
Anyway, I have to run and help with school. Collin just woke up, (and looks like he grew a foot overnight) and needs breakfast.
Have a great day!

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