Monday, January 2, 2006

Good evening

Good evening everyone!
Yesterday, I was trying to decide what to do about school today. Well, Matthew fixed that all by his lonesome. He woke up early and started his school. He had everything done by like 10:30. I was shocked. He did 24 pages, 4 in 6 books. Go Matthew!
I did give Dillon the day off. His program is a 4 day program, so since Matt was home we'll start tomorrow.
Today was indeed beautiful. Although, it feels totally unnatural to me to be enjoying high 80 degree weather in January. The boys played in the sprinklers even!
Then, as a last hoo-rah before things get back to normal, we took the kids to see Narnia. Oh, we were so impressed. It was so good. We had read the book to the boys, so they thought it was fantastic. Really, really good.
Now everyone is settling down for beddie bye, and I am doing some searching on the web. I can't find what I'm looking for though. I guess I'm not good enough! HAHA!!
So, what am I searching for you ask. Well, something that is probably a moot point, but I'll spill it anyway. That way you all can be in prayer for us!
Matt has discovered that one fellow (there are three of them this year) is going to be moved to a different base at the end of the fellowship year, probably to Japan. This scares the bajeebies out of me. It is so far away! That person would be there for 3 years.
So, I'm searching to see what is there. Specifically, if there is a pediatric cardiologist anywhere on the bases. Apparently, they can't move us to a place that doesn't meet our medical needs.
We really have no clue who it will be, but supposedly should find out in a couple weeks.
We were thinking that they would rather move a single person, than a family of 6. But then we got to thinking about what happens when you go onto another base. Once the fellows leave here, they are on their own. The only audiologist on base. Knowing that changes everything. Why, you ask. Because the other 2 girls are so not ready to be on their own. Whoever doesn't go this year is here for another 3 years. It is no secret amongst the auds that Matt has received the highest review scores. Sooooo...does that make it more likely that it would be us, probably.
I guess it boils down to what is more important to them, spending the money to move us, or having a competent aud. at their base.
The question still remains about the card, though. Time will tell.
There are 3 other bases here that will be opening up spots for new auds, but those will most likely go to the people who have been here longer. It would be nice if we got lucky and got to stay in the country! We'll see.
Like I said, it could totally be a moot point, but I thought I'd check it out anyway. Tokyo does have a nice Disneyland though! :-)


Crayonsetc said...

Dh was conceived when my IL's were stationed there (Japan) I always tease him and tell him I am going to buy him a shirt that says Made in Japan :)

I know it would be hard, but at the same time, it could be so cool living in another country... as long as you are all together!! Just think of all the things the boys would/could learn there!!

If it is meant to be... it will be! {{Hugs}}

Carrie said...

Eric would be jealous. If it weren't while the boys are so very young, and if it were a limited time thing, we'd be there in a heartbeat. Ichiku! :-D

Gina said...

what kind of curriculum do you use? send me an email, cause I'll probably forget to check back in the comments. LOL!

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