Monday, January 9, 2006

Journey to the mailbox

I just sent Dillon and Collin to get the mail. Well, I sent Dill, but Collin had to tag along.
The mailbox is across a little field, full of prickly little things that stick in your socks. Normally, they take the sidewalks if they don't have shoes on.
So, time goes by (like 5 minutes) and Matthew finishes school. He wanted to go out and play with his brothers, but I told him they were getting the mail.
We look out the window to figure out what in the world is taking them so long. I see the two of them sitting on the ground picking things out of their socks. I chuckled to myself, thinking they knew better.
Matthew goes back out front, and still no Dillon and Collin. The next time we looked out, they were walking on the sidewalk, back home, taking forever.
So I till Matthew to ride his scooter over to see what the holdup is. When he gets back he says, "they're just balancing on the edge of the sidewalk" It was really cute, the two of them.
So they get close to our house, and cross the road. I hear Collin say, "Dillon, if you see someone run me over, tell me. And if I see someone run you over, I'll tell you" Oh my goodness, I was dying!
I notice there is no mail. I ask, out the window, why they didn't get the mail.
Dillon says, "I did"
I ask, "where is it??"
He holds up his hands, and to his horror, he is only holding his socks!!
Back he goes, around the sidewalk, to the original place they were taking off their socks.
There was the pile of mail.
They did manage to find two lollipops on the ground that I made them throw away, though!
There was a nice surprise waiting for Matthew in the mailbox as well, a letter from his friend Derek. As an aside, I think it is neat the Matthew and Derek are writing. Derek is the son of my best friend. She lives in Oregon, so we can only talk on the phone, but I think it is neat that Matthew and he are becoming penpals and buds like their moms!
It was so hilarious. And so heartwarming.
Dillon never left Collin's side. And Collin was going to tell him if he got run over! All I could think of was ,"this is why I have these kids" They look out for each other. They are best friends. They fight, yes, but ultimately, they would play with each other before anyone else, and they truly can depend on each other.
I'm sure my story wasn't nearly as funny to you all, but if you were here watching it, you would be in stitches too!!

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