Monday, January 9, 2006

Getting over the hump??

I think I may be getting over the hump.
When we first got here, we were in the honeymood mode. We were excited to be in a new place.
Then, I started to hate it. I was so miserable, and just wanted to go home.
I realized today, that I don't feel so miserable. I don't feel the desperate need to go home. This is feeling like home. Of course, I miss everyone terribly, and their kind words still bring tears to my eyes, but I'm surviving. I could be happy here.
We went back to the church I mentioned, last sabbath. And there were lots of kids. Apparently, they go to that church when they go to church. So I've been thinking and thinking and thinking of things we could do there to get the kids divisions to grow.
But the main thing is that it feels good. It really does. It feels like home. The people are so friendly and welcoming. I never felt that at the other church. So, this is where we will make our church home, and we will just have to work on growing the kids groups. I keep telling Matt, that this September we could start up an Adventurer club, but that is probably getting ahead of myself.
Anyway, that has helped alot. Just knowing that there are potential friends. Not even friends so much, but somewhere to turn if we needed something. Understand?
Between the church and other things, we are settling in, and truly, I could be happy here. I think I'm on the downward slope. I even thought today, "we may not need to go to Razzleberry this summer" *ducking as my mom smacks me!* But, it isn't true. Because no matter how happy we get here, no one can replace family.
Besides, it gets darn hot here, we may need to escape!

PS, did I mention it is a beautiful day. In the 70s and clear skies. So nice!

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