Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some cute stories

Little background here. Long ago, my mother in law was taking a walk with Matthew. He was 2 at the time. She showed him a flower, then sniffed it, and went "ah ah AH CHOO!"
From that, he identified her as "ah-choo grandma" So, that is what they are called, ah-choo grandma and grandpa. My mom and her hubby are "regular grandma and grandpa" Which, by the way, is just as funny as the ah-choo thing.
Ok so on with the stories.

Collin was sitting with me, pushing on my belly. He giggled and said, "you have a fat tummy like ah-choo grandma and ah-choo grandpa"
Oh my, we were cracking up. Nothing like having your kid tell you that you are fat though!


We had to go fax some documents today, and knew the kids would be upset to hear that. So when we were in the car, Dillon asks where we are going. As usual, when we know they will complain, I answer, "crazy" Dillon says, "mommy, you can only use that with little kids" Matt and I laugh and say, "but you are a little kid" He says, "nooo, I'm not" We ask what he is and he said, "I'm a grown-up, I mean a teenager" We were in stitches, and had to inform him that he was a big kid, but that we were still going crazy.

I had some more, but as usual, I can't remember them. But I can tell you this, which has nothing to do with anything, I got my ipod money back today. WOOHOO!!! I so cannot believe it. The guy was really late, and I had to threaten him with jail, but it came today. YIPPEE!!!

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anna said...

Praising God with you about getting the Ipod money back.

Thanks for sharing the funny stories! I miss hearing them from their mouths, but this is the next best thing!!!!! What cute boys you have!!!! Don't forget to take time to laugh...and how can you not, when your boys are related to me. =)

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