Saturday, January 14, 2006

Our day

Today the kids did the church service. It was cute. Matthew had a part to read, and then they all sang a song. Matthew had a one line solo in it and did awesome. I was so proud.
We then were invited over to some friends' land to go hiking.
Oh my goodness.
They bought this land and are going to build on it, but right now it is FULL of trees and prickly bushes! It would have been fine except that Zach and Collin were so afraid to walk on the wobbly rocks, so we had to carry them both the whole time.
Let me just tell you that walking down the side of a hill is much easier than walking up that same hill! Whew. We were beat.
At one point a bunch of people went over to a different spot and Matt and I took Collin and Zach back to a clearing. We sat down, and as I was sitting, I put my hand right on a tiny cactus that was hiding under leaves. I filled my hand with tiny hair-like stickers that must have had like burs on the end or something because when I went to pull them out, they just broke! I still have some in my hand, but there is nothing to pull on to get them out, so I figure they'll work themselves out.
I have to say that Texas vegetaion is not pretty. The trees and everything are just ugly. We were in a ton of sage brush and apparently cedar trees. But it's just icky looking.
On our way home we had to make the kids all happy. We stopped and got them each their own frog. They are pretty cute.
Matthew named his "Beans" after the frog in Cheaper By The Dozen. Dillon's is "green dot" because he has a green spot on his back. Collin's is Alvin, and Zachy's is Fat Albert. Remind me not to let them name any of my kids! Yep, they're cute alright. Sometime I'll take a picture to share, but tonight I'm beat.
I think yesterday I told Matt that our family hadn't been sick in a long time. Whoops. Today, Dillon and Zachy are sick. Just with colds. And Collin started coughing tonight. I'm praying that Dill's stays just a simple cold. He's breathing pretty hard and has had two breathing treatments already.
I don't know what it is with that kid, but when he gets sick, it goes right to his lungs. He's never had pneumonia or anything like that, but he always has a real hard time breathing. In fact, he is the reason we even own a nebulizer.
I just hope it stays a nice simple cold.
Anyway, I'm off to relax, but I had to tell you about the frogs. Matt says we are just starting Dill's zoo for him. He has said he is going to own a zoo when he grows up forever. The best part is that it is going to be next door to my house! And there will be manatees that I get to work with. And Matt gets to check the hearing of the elephants AND he gets to clean the crocodile's teeth. Matthew is going to make a promotional video for it called, "Zoo Looks". My kids are pretty smart, I tell ya, they came up with all that on their own.
OK, I'm really off to relax now!

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