Friday, January 20, 2006

The light just went on..

I just spent the last hour working on adjectives with Matthew.
He was having one heck of a time.
The light just went on. I'm so happy for him. He is thrilled with himself.
This is the part about homeschooling that is great. Had he been in school he may have just fallen through the cracks. Now he gets it, and it's cause of me, *snicker*

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Tamara said...


Hi! I just noticed in my admin that you linked to me! *duh* I takes me a while to notice these things sometimes! LOL Feel free to "cyber poke" me or something on the arm... ;-)

Good to catch up with you! It was nice seeing pics of your boys too! What handsome young lads they are. :-)

Have a great weekend,
Tamara (AK)

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