Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Selfish ramblings

Selfish, selfish thoughts today.
First off, I won an auction for an ipod for Matt before Christmas. Most of you know the story.
Anyway, long story short, I never received the ipod. The guy gave me lots of stories, that I chose to believe. I just wanted to think that people aren't all bad! So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
He didn't have the ipods. He was supposedly ordering them from Macmall. A fact I didn't know till long after he had my money. He sent me the order confirmation. I checked it out and it said the order was cancelled. Well, he said he didn't cancel it and was working on getting his money back from them.
I was thinking, "how long does that take?" So I called up Macmall today. The order was never processed because his account was flagged for fraud. *sigh*
I filed a complaint against him with the internet fraud part of the FBI. Who, are actually already investigating the jerk.
I talked with the lady they are investigating him for and she said that they have told him he has till the 14th to send her a cashier's check or she will press charges and he can go to jail.
OK, that sounds great. Let's do the same thing. Right? The problem is, they can send the jerk to jail, he can make bail, and be out. That doesn't get me my money back. Selfish thought number 1.

OK, so selfish thought number 2.
Zach's speech therapist just confided in me today that she is pregnant. Only her parents and one other person know (well besides her husband) so why she chose to confide in me, I don't know. But anyway, she is due in June. What do I think? Well, of course I'm happy for her, BUT(and here is the way too selfish part) in August Zach will turn 3, and will no longer be eligible for Easter Seals anyway. So, if she works to term, then I am left without a therapist, or worse yet, a new one for 2 months. I think without one would be better. What a pain.
But, I am really happy for her. She doesn't have any kids yet. And might I add that there must be something about me because EVERYONE around me is turning up pg. I have heard a pregnancy announcement everyday for several days now. It's kind of wierd.
Ok I just got up to take care of Zachy and have lost my other selfish thoughts.
So I will say, my sil, Gina is pregnant! She is due in August. All I can think of is that my in laws must be wondering why in the world all three of their children haven't figured out what makes August babies!! LOL Maybe it will take the other 2 only 1 baby instead of some other people I know who have managed 3 August babies. I won't mention any names, but I'm sure you can all figure out that we won't be making anymore August babies. Yeah right, that is a crock! LOL
OK, I'm getting rambly.
Oh yeah, the other thing I wanted to write about was the fact that our wedding album is not holding up well. So, I called our photographer, who is now retired, to ask him what could be done about it. Since he is retired it is basically up to us. They tried to help, but it didn't work. So I called the company. I will send the album back and get a new one. It holds 25 big ole pages. Matt asked if we should just buy a new one because it will cost a bundle to ship it. So, I looked online. This album costs $460!!!!! Holy smokes, I think we'll just send this one back!
In totally unrelated news, for some reason, the churches we have been going to have pot luck every week. So this week Dillon asks, "are we staying for puck luck?"
PUCK LUCK!! Silly kid. Of course we didn't correct him and said, "yep, we're staying for puck luck!"


Crayonsetc said...

Oh, I know it is hard when someone confides in you and you are wanting the news to be yours... but on a selfish note, I sure hope you get another announcement soon ;) (AF is due tomorrow)!

And You are welcome... glad it worked!!!

Carrie said...

With you, it's pregnancies; everybody around *me* is getting engaged. :-) Sparkly diamond rings, wherever the eye can see...

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