Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ain't no coolin down now

Apparently, it will only get hotter from here on out. Crazy.
Today's high is supposed to be 93. By Monday it is supposed to be in the 100s for a few days. In APRIL people!!!! Sheesh!
My main irk about this is that apparently no one is fat in Texas! When I first got here last summer, I searched all the stores for shorts. Came up with none. Not just I didn't like any, but NONE in the fat sections. Of course they were still all carrying cute skinny shorts, but I guess when you're fat you're not supposed to show off your dimpled legs! Well phooey in that, I'm hot too!
So now this summer, the 2 pairs of shorts I DID have are falling off(yay) and I cannot find any to replace them. So it results in my looking totally frumpy with these large baggy shorts falling off of me.
Is it so much to ask for a pair of shorts? I may have to start running around those stores naked so that they see how much worse it could be! I'm sure everyone would be racing to try to find me some shorts!
We are taking the kids to Disney on Ice tonight. I thought it was the Incredibles, but I just realized it is the Incredibles at the Magic Kingdom. So not actually the Incredibles story, but rather their experiences at Disneyland. I hope they like that. I'm sure they will since they love the Magic Kingdom so much!
We used to take Matthew and Dillon to Disney on Ice every year. We may have even taken Collin once, I don't remember. Once we moved to Idaho, though, they didn't have Disney on Ice anywhere close to us. So this will be a treat. Matthew and Dillon used to love it, I hope Collin and Zachy love it just as much!

Have a great day everyone!


Rebekah said...

Hey, girl!! How the heck are ya?? You're so lucky you're having such great weather!! It's been so terribly rainy here. Today we're getting a bit of sunshine though, thank the Lord. Check out the new link to my journal. My old site has been down for a few weeks now. Server issues I think. ??

Maria said...

hey girl!!! come on have seen me and i am in texas with you!!! but the trick is you have to go EARLY in the summer to get the shorts for people like you and me!! because after that, the ones left are the skinny i guess that tells you that actually there are MORE people out there that need the slightly bigger sizes!!! you are tooooo funny! i would love to see what they would do if you went around the place naked!!! how was the incredibles? thought about going but didn't actually buy the tickets! hope ya'll had a GREAT TIME! TALK TO YOU SOON!

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