Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I must be losing my mind

I just tried to put my crock pot away....in the fridge. It fit perfectly too, and then I realized, oops, this goes in the cupboard! Silly me.

The boys are staying up late tonight, I have to go pick up Matt at 10:30. YAY!!

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. Dillon has an appointment with the cardiologist. If you remember, when he was diagnosed with asthma the doctor was astounded that he had never been to one, with his murmur and Zachy's history. So just pray that it is indeed a harmless flow murmur and nothing more. We'd appreciate it.

Still no word from my doctor, but I promise I'll update you all when I find something out. And to answer your question, Les, no, I couldn't see anything during the u/s, she made good and sure of that.

I talked with one of my neighbors tonight, for a good long while. Back in November, there was a big issue between my kids and hers and some others. Turns out that she was never upset with us, but the other family. Such wasted time. :-( There is just a huge difference between homeschooled kids and public school kids. The lady I talked to tonight homeschools hers as well. They are getting ready to move in June, which is a shame. That will leave me as the only homeschooler here, and practically only christian. There will be one other christian family, the others are all mormons. Should be fun! Not that I'm putting them down at all, they are just very different from us, and make it hard, if ya know what I mean.


Crayonsetc said...

Praying all goes well tomorrow!!

I go to the cardiologist next week!!

Maria said...

good luck with dillons appt! i can only imagine how stressed you are about it! very scary! but, as always, he is in GODS hands and he will take care of him!!!

did i tell you there is a group at lackland for HOMESCHOOLERS?? i will email you what i found!

Shell said...

We'll say a prayer for Dill too. Let us know as soon as you can how it goes. :) It'll be ok...

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