Friday, April 28, 2006

Feeling a bit better

I had all my pre op work done this morning, and I'm feeling better.
I had to have my blood drawn and it was the worst time ever. They blew two of my veins and said, "your veins just blow too easily" Only they are the only ones who have ever had that problem.
It scared me to think of someone like that starting my IV, so when it was time for me to talk to the anesthesiologist, I made her write in my chart that I wanted an anesthesiologist starting my IV with lidocaine, and not just a nurse with no pain meds. I am thankful for that.
I talked with the drs, and while they still don't know where the IUD is they seem hopeful that it will be an easy out. Of course then they added, "however, if it's adhered tightly we'll have to open you up and work on getting it out" *sigh* Tiny laproscopy holes I can handle, a big incision just seems much more painful.
This has been such a terrible emotional roller coaster. I just hope I make it out alive, with all my organs. I'm not afraid of the anesthetic, I'm afraid of less than skilled hands trying to dissect it away from a major venous organ and causing me to hemorrage (sp).
But what can you really do? Have faith I guess. And rely on my family to be sure to take good care of my babies if I have to go. My mom tried to tell me that I just needed to make sure everyone knew that the boys would go to her. I told her I think Matt would have something to say about that! LOL I'm pretty certain he'd want to keep his own kids! It was kind of funny though.
I am a bit nervous though...Zachy is sick today. And my tummy is upset, but I'm not sure if it is nerves, something I ate, or if I'm getting this illness. I hope it isn't this bug. That would just prolong this roller coaster!!
OK, loads to do today, I just wanted to say that I'm feeling better, just sick to my stomach, with sore arms from the dumb lab people.


momofmany said...

Bekki, Hopefully you're feeling more calm in general. Chances are good that everything will work out. I don't see the specifics of where they think it is, just be sure to get a copy of the op report and I'm happy to go over it with you too. I'll be thinking and praying for you. I should be home all weekend if you want to talk! *hug*

Anonymous said...

Here are hopefully some words of reassurance. The military does have some very proficient health care professionals (just look at Matt). I work with many doctors who are also military doctors and do an excellent job with whatever they are doing. I know you've had a negative experience so far but don't just assume that the surgeons are incompetent. Let God guide their hands as they do their job. I have a surgeon here who prays with each of his patients and support staff (nurses, OR techs, anesthesiologists, etc) prior to every procedure he performs. You can always do that before they knock you out to let God's peace surround you before the procedure. I have great faith that this will turn out ok.

Mama Gina said...

praying for you hon. ((((((((hugs!))))))))))

Crayonsetc said...

How are you feeling tonight??? Know I am keeping you in my prayers!!!

Deb said...

I pray today goes smooth, i'm thinking of you

Tamara said...

Thinking of you today, Bekki, and praying. ((hugs))

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