Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where have I been??

I do not know. Just in la la land, I guess.
Today, I have my ultra sound and the xray of my belly. Should be loads of fun. HA!!
It is really nice though, because I was able to get a 5 o'clock appt. and able to make it at the same hospital where Matt works. He is done at 4:30 so I'll just run in and leave the kids with him. Here in San Antonio we either go to the Air Force hospital or the Army hospital, so I was thankful to get it at the Air Force one!
Last night, or about 1 this morning, I felt a major migraine coming on. I thought I might be able to sleep it away. Wrongo. I woke up this morning so very sick and with my head in so much pain. I took some excedrin migraine and waited. Of course, that stuff makes me sick too. I stayed in bed till about 12. I just couldn't handle the light or noise. Thank goodness my kids are getting older! Matthew and Dillon took care of Collin and Zachy for me. For awhile Collin and Zach came and played on the bed with me, so it was all good.
My head still hurts, and I am totally shakey, but I think I'm getting better. Well, I know I am. The kids are outside playing because it has finally cooled down. It is only supposed to be in the upper 80s today. Thank goodness. This 100 degree weather is not my thing. No school for them today, lucky guys. Tomorrow though, we'll be back at it. Only a month and a half to go before summer break! Time flies!

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Crayonsetc said...

Oh, I am sorry about the migraine... they so bite!! I hope you get answers with your u/s!!! Mine just frustrated me ;)

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