Friday, April 14, 2006

Only my kids!

We were cleaning and dancing to the songs of Disneyland (of course!) and all the neighbor kids started coming over. Apparently, they don't have school because it is Good Friday.
They would skip the slow songs because you can't dance well to them! The song from Splash Mountain came on and Carly said, "SKIP!" Matthew told her no. To which she replied, "but it's boring" Dillon piped up, "don't worry Carly, it won't be so boring once you go to Disneyland"
I was dying. He said it as if it were a right of passage and she just hadn't gone yet. Because I'm sure EVERYONE goes to Disneyland!!
Now to fund a trip for us! Have I asked for donations before? It would only cost us roughly $3,000 (ok that may be a bit much) and I'm sure that you could all pull together to get that money for us. Right? Right? Good. Such faithful readers I have! LOL

1 comment:

gina (uk) said...

Are we paying in Disney dollars ? lol ;)

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