Thursday, April 13, 2006

Becoming vegetarian, and other ramblings

So, we've made a huge step. We are slowly(or quickly as it seems) becoming vegetarians.
As of right now, the only meat we eat is turkey, chicken, and the occasional tuna.
No red meat, pork, or any wierd sea food.
I need to make a disclaimer here though. There are people in our lives who think that I say, "jump" and Matt says, "how high". Really, nothing could be further from the truth, but at any rate, Matt has had a bigger part in this than I have. It hasn't been something that I have said, "listen, we need to do this". Not at all. Matt has successfully eliminated the meats, while I have found the substitutes. But by no means was this something that I decided on my own.
My issue is the milk. What they do to the cows is disgusting. I'm thinking, though, that organic milk is my answer. No hormones or antibiotics or anything like that. We're not to the place where we'll do soy, so right now this could be our best bet!
I have no idea why I'm even writing about this, other than I was looking online for a meatloaf recipe to use with morningstar farms ground "beef". I found one that I think I'm going to try soon, sounds good.
I'm thinking of taking the kids's mickey mouse ears tonight. I figure since it involves the magic kingdom there is a good chance that they will be selling them. And if we already have them....well that's one less thing the kids will want! ;-)
Matt will probably think I'm cukoo, so we'll see.
I think I may finally see the bottom of my laundry basket today. Which is really saying something considering that Collin wet the bed last night, and it is diaper day. I'm on my third load so far, and think I have one more to be done. YAY!!!
Zachy just came in dressed in a bee costume. So cute. I just love that kid to pieces. I watched a show last night on TLC called Guardian Angels MD. The little boy had a heart defect and was undergoing his third open heart surgery at two. I sobbed through the whole thing. So very very sad.
The doctors were talking amongst themselves and said, "you know we tell parents that there is a 5% chance their child won't live. And they think, "well 95% is great" And he then said, "what they don't realize is that if I have 20 patients, one isn't going home"
YIKES!!! We were given the 5% odd as well, I am SO thankful my baby was one of the 19 to come home. I can't imagine life without that little rugrat.
My mom called today and he answered the phone and was chatting away with her. When I started talking to her, Collin came in and was asking me when we can go to Sea World again. I asked why he was asking that. My mom said, "because I just asked him if he was going soon" I said, "uh mom, you talked to Zachy not Collin" LOL She totally thought Collin was the one talking to her. So either Zach's speech is getting really good, or Collin's is bad! Probably a combination of the two!
OK gotta run, the washer is done!!


matt said...

I ate a cheesburger yesterday for lunch. ;)

Bekki said...


Maria said...

hola!! veggie ways is a great way to go!! actually our family tends to eat only chicken and fish...tons of pasta and veggies. it's not that we mean to but it just works out that way...we eat meat, don't get me wrong, but it is VERY few and far between!! but good luck!!!
as for the 95%, ME TOO i feel BLESSED that matthew is around!!! i didn't get to see that show, i need to look out for it!
take care!

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