Friday, April 21, 2006


My baby is growing up so fast.
As you'll recall, he used to always say, "mmmm-hmmmm" when his answer was yes.
Now he says, 'yep" And it is so funny, he says it so nonchalantly.
The boy cracks me up every day.


Collin was just telling me he wanted some juice. When I went to get it he said, "I can pour my own, I'm good at that. Hmmmm maybe I need a stool. Let me get a stool. Ok, I can pour it by myself"
It was too cute. My mom said that everything Zachy does, he does so passionately, but this time it was Collin so was so emphatic. He was practically yelling that he could do it himself.

I had my u/s and x-ray last night. Who knows when I'll hear anything. Matt says the reports aren't in the computer yet so I'm sure it will be awhile. The u/s hurt like crazy though. I just wish this cyst would go away! I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Today's job is to clean like a mad woman. I have felt pretty crummy this week, so haven't gotten it done. It should be fun! HA!

1 comment:

Crayonsetc said...

Did you not get to look? Was the cyst still there?? I hate it when a tech won't say a word!! (then again, I can read them almost as good as they can ;))

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