Tuesday, April 11, 2006


~*~*~*~If you are a male, you won't be interested in this post, just thought I'd warn ya!~*~*~*~*

I finally went to the gynecologist yesterday. It was actually a very good experience. I was very concerned because the last time I went it was a TERRIBLE experience. This time I actually got to see a doctor, and not a resident.
Anyway, I told her all that was going on, and told her I'm just a wonky woman. She then said, "we'll just do the whole wonky woman work up" LOL
At any rate, when she did my pelvic I nearly threw up. I said, "yep, that's where the cyst has been" Turns out the cyst is still there. I don't understand why sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't. But anyway, she ordered an ultra sound to determine if it a different cyst or a dominant cyst. She was quite upset, by the way, that the other doctor told me there was no need to follow up because it would take care of itself.
Based on my symptoms, she is thinking I may have PCOS. I am praying hard that this isn't true. I so do not want PCOS. The other thought is that it is just this one cyst causing all my issues, and if it is the same one, we are probably looking at surgery to remove it.
So she ordered a ton of blood work to check hormone levels and thyroid levels, and other stuff(4 vials worth), an ultrasound, and an abdominal x-ray to check to see if there is an iud floating around in there! After Zach was born, I had one put in, and then it disappeared. They told me it fell out. But I never felt it or saw it. So anyway, she's just going to check that out to be sure.
I should know the results of my blood work by the end of the week. Not sure about the rest of it though, have to make the appointments first, I don't know what to do with the kids...*sigh*


Maria said...

awww....i hope it all turns out great!!

and EEEEKKKKK!! when i saw the signs of PCOS....hmmm...do i have some ELVIS looking sideburns!!!

anyway, GOOD LUCK!

Crayonsetc said...

Hey, living with PCOS sucks, but is totally do-able... and if you have it and know it, it is so much easier to deal with!!

I wish I were closer, I would watch the kids for you. Good part is, if they do surgery, it is out patient... but I am sure dh will want to be there. How would the kids do waiting in the waiting room with him? Maybe some of your friends would be willing to trade some kid watching time. Just a thought.


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