Saturday, April 15, 2006

My kids are so cute!

We were coloring our easter eggs this evening. Zachy kept dropping the eggs in the cup and then going, "where egg go mommy??" It was so cute.
The video is a bit long, but worth it. Turn your volume up so you can hear how cute they are! ;-)
Edited to add...I forgot to mention what he is doing with the paper towel. Every time he'd take an egg out, instead of drying the egg off, he'd pat the table with it, then drop the egg back in. It was hilarious

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Shell said...

That was soo cute Bek! Dillon seems so bored, or really concentrating on what red and blue will be. lol So I think I need whatever it is you record these with. What is it??? :)

gina (uk) said...

You have such cute kiddos and are one wonderful Momma to allow such mess in the house lol. I love the way that the older boys are taking it so seriously (especially Dillon). At least Zach cleaned the table up well ;)

Vicki said...

TOO adorable Bek!! Your kids are just the cutest. These are the moments that you will always remember. Dillon looks like he is really concentrating on making his egg perfect. Did they all come out so cute?

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