Sunday, April 9, 2006


We went to Sea World this afternoon. They opened the waterslide part of the park last weekend. By the way, I got my swimsuit and it fit perfectly. I love it.
Anyway, we were busy all last week, so we went today.
While it was close to 90 degrees outside the water was freezing. By about 5 it was finally warming up. But the park closes at 6, so it wasn't that great!
The kids had a great time, despite the fact that they had goosebumps and were shivering all day long!
It must be hard work being cold, because I am absolutely pooped! I have much to do to prepare for the upcoming week, but I have been zapped of all energy.


Crayonsetc said...

But it will be Sooo nice this summer when the water is warm and it is HOT outside!! Glad you had fun even though it was cold!!!

Shell said...

Sounds like fun tho. It was snowing here again yesterday! *sticks tongue out*. What are you doing this weekend??

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