Monday, April 24, 2006


My dryer is making a funky thumping sound. I was so praying it was something that was in the dryer, but no, even empty it goes "thump thump thump"
We've been discussing the fact that we may not have enough money saved to make our trip this summer, and putting it off for awhile. I can say that if we need a new dryer our trip is definitely off.
It is not easy for a family of 6 to live without a dryer. Normally, I would just string up a clothesline, since it is hot and all here, but we aren't allowed to do that here. You know..cause it can be a safety hazard. As if a dryer going nonstop isn't!!


Crayonsetc said...

Well, apparently you didn't have blogger problems today... although each time I was on my blog, it didn't tell me you updated, which obviously wasn't the case. Now to see if I have problems posting like everyone complained about all day today :)

Oh, and we Did have a day off school today!! :)

gina (uk) said...

I agree a family of six cannot live without a dryer.

I hope its nothing too major and it gets better soon. Wishing get better vibes for your dryer ;) lol.

Joking aside, I just needed a new one at the end of last year as mine was thumping and it set alight whilst I was in the room. Don't go out whilst it is on ok :)

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