Friday, April 14, 2006

The Incredibles!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, we took the kids to The Incredibles on ice last night. It was really quite a bummer because it was them at Disneyland, and it was so good that we all (ok everyone but Matt, but I'm sure he was with us, he'd just never admit it!!) were aching to go back to Disneyland when we left!!
It really was good. We had pretty crummy seats, but the place wasn't full, so once it started we were able to move closer, and it was pretty good.
They had all the great stuff from Disneyland. From It's a Small World (with dolls that moved EXACTLY like the ride!!) to the Haunted Mansion (totally cool effects!) to the Pirates of the Caribbean (complete with jail scene AND the cannon ball fight!)to the Jungle Cruise to the Electric Parade to the spinning tea cups to space mountain and Buzz was so neat!
Of course Syndrome was there and we all had to help the Incredibles defeat him.
OK, for those of you unfamiliar with the story, here it is in a nut shell:
The Incredible's are a family of super heroes who have retired and live as normal people (yeah right!), there are five of them. Mr Incredible is very strong, His wife is Elastigirl, their daughter is Violet. She has the ability to create force fields and she is also able to become invisible. Dash is their son who has super fast speed. They also have a baby who can turn into fire, but in this show he was just carried in a baby carrier the whole time.
Frozone is their old friend and he can freeze everything.
Then there is Syndrome. Mr Incredible's arch nemesis. In the movie, they were able to destroy him, so in this show he was a robot version of Syndrome. Kind of wierd, but whatever. Syndrome's goal is to take over the world, rid the world of super heroes because "if there are no supers then we'll all be super!"
So in this show he kidnapped Mickey and Minnie and was going to take over the magic kingdom, where the Incredible's were trying to have a normal family vacation.
It was pretty funny because, of course, once they changed into their super hero costumes everyone went wild, but everytime Frozone showed up the crowd went even more wild!
They gave all the kids wristbands that had a light on them. At one point all the kids had to push their buttons to control Syndrome's army. That was really cool because they turned out all the lights and you could see all these red flashing lights.
OK, so in the end, Frozone froze Syndrome and saved Mickey and Minnie, and thank goodness too...can you imagine a world with out those two?? Yikes!
So here are some pictures! We bought popcorn and cotton candy, which had these masks with them.
This is Collin with the Dash mask on. Pretty cute I think! ;-)

Here's a side view of that mask, I thought it was funny how they made the hair go back like that!

This is the wristband everyone got. Poor Zachy had been asleep till right before the show, and he desperately needs a haircut!

Syndrome, as played by my crazy husband!

Matthew as Dash!

Dillon as Syndrome


Anonymous said...

I think my kids are so cute. I am sure I have the cutest grandkids in the world. I love you all Grandma Keyes

Shell said...

I just LOVE those mask pictures of everyone!!! Where's your mask???

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