Monday, May 15, 2006

More Dillon funnies

We taught the kids how to play Clue this weekend. It is really great reading practice for Dillon and they really have to think.
Anyway, at one point, Dillon was looking at something on his pad, and it was taking him forever. We asked what was wrong and if he needed help. He said, "I just can't find Mrs Cluck" We all laughed and told him her name was Mrs Peacock, not Mrs Cluck.
He also can never remeber Miss Scarlet's name. He calls her Miss Garlic. And you have to picture him saying it in a totally snobbish voice, he'll go, "I'd like to make a discussion(that's funny too,cause it is supposed to be suggestion), I think it is Miss Garlic, in the conservatory...with the POISON!!" He is so dramatic when he says it all, and he sounds so funny. I wish you could hear it, but alas, that's the internet.

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