Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How will she survive??

That's what you will be asking yourself in a minute.
Yesterday's high was 98. Not sure what it was with the heat index.
Currently, it is 85, but it feels like 98. The actual high is supposed to be 99 today, so with the heat index already so will it feel?
And so the question will I survive?? Thank goodness for A/C!!
I don't like extreme heat (really I don't like the 90s) and I think it is a cruel joke that I live in Texas!!


Maria said...

i have lived here ALL my life and i STILL am not use to the HEAT!!! but since i am STILL alive, i guess you will survive TOO!!! :) and you are right, i can't IMAGINE a day without A/C! can you imagine until i was 18, we DID NOT HAVE A/C?!?! no WONDER i was so skinny back then!!! :)

Shell said...

gee bek, I just can't wait to come see you in July! :)

gina (uk) said...

A/C - I wish, we don't get that in houses in the UK :( So enjoy it and bump it up !

Its hot in the UK today and the high is 72 ! (hottest day of the year so far)

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