Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Multi-tasking has never been my strong point

I just realized that I have way too much stuff going on in this head of mine!
While I'm not actually physically doing a lot of stuff I am constantly thinking about the following things
~what curriculum we are using for the kids next year (this is a huge issue for me every year)
~VBS!!! Everything about it, will we have enough money? enough helpers? am I doing enough? Will it all get done in time? What do I need to be doing today?
~being a slacker family member....must get to the post office
~finishing this years school work
~what do I need to get before my kids head to camp? will Dillon wet the bed at camp? if so, will he be teased? Will Matthew be ok with out Dillon? (he originally said he didn't want to be with him, but once I sent the stuff in, he panicked a little when he realized he won't be able to be with Dillon, at all)
~I have to schedule Zachy's cardiologist appt, but they aren't scheduling in June yet...must remember to call back next week.
~how am I going to get back on the weight loss track?
~how am I going to afford a new camera?
~how are we going to swing starting Adventurers AND Pathfinders? Is it possible? If not, which do we do?
Those are just some thoughts I have going on right now. And I know, much of it is trivial, and it isn't like I'm worrying about it(like the camp thing, totally not worried about it, they will be fine) it is just a thought floating in my head.
I am so ready for this school year to be over. And VBS. It is so much more stressful than it would be if we had some money in the budget for it! This will be the first time this church has had VBS in this building. It is across the street from a huge housing complex. We will blanket it with flyers. Which adds more stress, how many kids to plan for?? Next year will be easier, we will have VBS in the budget, and we will have an idea of how many people will show up. Although, I could screw this up royally and they could easily say that there is no way they will ever let me lead VBS again. Matt noted last night, that I am not leading any of the classes. I personally, don't think that is my job. I have to take care of making sure everyone knows HOW to lead their classes, and I have to recruit all the workers, and I have to do all the behind the scenes stuff, like getting it on the radio, and getting these flyers out, etc. I think that is fair. I have to make sure things run smoothly whilst VBS is actually happening. Am I wrong? Should I be teaching a class? There are enough leaders to do them, but did I do bad? *Sigh*
What was I thinking when I agreed to do this??? UGH!!!! OK, just this one time, then I will feel empowered, and I'll be able to do it next year. It's just this first time is a killer!!!

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