Thursday, May 4, 2006

Sorry if this is a repeat

Apparently, I didn't explain my situation very well, because I've gotten several emails from people asking about the IUD incident. So let me try to clarify it better.
Six weeks after Zach was born, September 2003, I had a Mirena IUD placed. It hurt too bad going in, and I knew something was wrong. However, I figured it was because I truly never wanted it in the first place. It was just something I did. I made a big bad mistake that I regret. It caused me severe abdominal pain and much vaginal bleeding. It was put in on a Thursday.
By that Tuesday, I decided it was time to go to the dr. I could never feel the strings, but thought that due to all the bleeding, maybe they were just hard to find or feel.
When I went to the dr, they confirmed that there were no strings, and did a transvaginal ultra sound to see if it was still in my uterus. They decided it was no longer in my uterus, and had fallen out. The pain, they told me, was because my uterus was infected. They offered to put another one in, which I vehemently declined.
Fast forward to this year. Many problems with ovarian cysts and very irregular menstrual cycles. I went to a dr in September of 2005 who informed me that all my troubles were from nursing, and as soon as I weaned Zach the troubles would go away. I questioned whether it was possible for the IUD to still be in my abdomen. She laughed and said no.
By April, I was having a 7 day period every other week. As you will recall, I was also dealing with another cyst. I finally made an appointment and was seen.
The doc I saw this time decided to fully check me out. She ordered loads of blood work. When I told her that I always felt there was still an IUD floating around in my body, she chuckled, and said it was highly unlikely, but she would order an x-ray to be sure.
The x-ray revealed the IUD, which they suspected was in place, in my uterus. But since x-rays can't see organs, they weren't totally sure. I, however, at this point was certain it was not in my uterus.
On Monday, they sent a scope into my uterus through my cervix to discover it wasn't there. So they proceeded to do a laproscopy to try to find it. This is when they discovered it was embedded in my colon.
We are certain now, that it perforated my uterus when the doc was inserting it, which is why I never felt strings.
This literally, could have killed me. A loose IUD can so some major organ damage. The Mirena IUD is plastic with a vial of progesterone on it. In place, the hormone is supposed to be emitted but stay locally in the uterus. This doesn't make much sense to me, but whatever. The dr told me that I was getting a much higher dose of progesterone due to it flowing through my blood stream. Having it out, should straighten my hormones out. I hope so.
So there you have it, the whole long story. Sorry to bore you!


Crayonsetc said...

Any chance you are talking to a lawyer to have a 'discussion' with the doctor in Idaho who put this thing in??? I think I would!! Definitely explains all the pain you had when they put it in!!!

Love you!!

Maria said...

i agree with above!! i hope that now that it is GONE that things will get BETTER!@!!

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