Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dillon, my boy, cracks me up

Conversation between Dill and me
Dill~I wish I didn't have freckles
Me~Why is that? I love your freckles.
Him~Because all of the girls like me, because of my freckles. (SO SERIOUSLY)
Me~yep, some day you will like that
Dill~well, I don't, and I wish I didn't have them so that they didn't like me. ALL the girls like me!
Me~trust me on this, someday you'll be glad
Dill~ (grumbling)no I won't, I hate my freckles!


Learning the books of the Bible, he cannot figure out that Lamentations is LAMEN-tations, and not Lemon-tations


In the car, the boys have taken to reading their Bibles. They say, "tell me a verse, and I'll read it to you"

So, John 3:16 it was. Dill says, "I know that one! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only FORGOTTEN son....."

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