Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thanks Mom

I have been getting the kids stuff together for camp. And labeling all of their clothes. This isn't sissy stuff, I'll tell ya! LOL There is a lot more work involved in sending kids to camp than I ever knew! Doesn't help that I'm trying to get two kids ready at the same time!
So thanks mom, for all the years that you labeled my clothes and made sure I had just the right amount of toiletries for camp.


gina (uk) said...

I know what its like - especially when my 4 kids started new schools on the same day ! Thankfully my Mom does it all for me. I told her its her fault as she should have taught me better ! I am not teaching my girls and hope Nanna will still have nimble fingers to do the Great Grandkids lol !

Rebekah said...

Hey, girlie!! Sounds like you're busy over there!! I hope you have a blessed day! :)

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