Monday, May 8, 2006

The numbers

I had Matthew almost 10 years ago.
In those 10 years I have been pregnant for 3 years and 8 months.
I have breastfed for 5 years and 7 months. In the past 10 years I've been breastfeeding more than not. Wild.
I've gained 160 pounds (wow that sounds so bad!! but it was while pg) and lost 110 pounds.
OK, I can't think of any other strange numbers that are absolutely meaningless!!


Ivy said...

How funny I come across this post! I was just figuring this up yesterday how long out of the last 7 1/2 years i've actually been pregnant, ect.. Seems like forever though!..

Thanks for visiting my blog.. I'm desperately hoping you are right that 4 isnt hard.. I know for me 2 was much easier than 1 and then when my 3rd was born it was a whirlwind of crazy in my house.. Its been non stop since! I'm hoping since there is going to be 4 years between this one nad my youngest I"ll be able to maybe breathe again..LOL My other 3 have 18 months between them..

gina (uk) said...

Little Miss number cruncher !

Anonymous said...

what about changing diapers? 10 years?

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