Monday, May 8, 2006

I should not have been so hard on the military

In my panic, I was awfully hard on the military medical docs. And the reality is...a civilian doc screwed me up, a military doc fixed me. I was so wrong to doubt them.
I have also been thinking about the fact that God's timing is perfect. If this was discovered while we were on the outside, we would be facing a hefty medical bill right about now. Instead, you the faithful taxpayers, paid for my surgery. Thanks! :-) And while I'm thanking you, thank you also for my house, and my food, and everything we use every single day to live, and even the things we play with! We couldn't survive without you!! :-)


LilRed said...

Don't worry. There are some great docs out there ... and some not so great ones.

Here from Michele's!

Maria said...

here!!! here!!! i SECOND your thanks!! :) the military has been WONDERFUL for our family just like yours!!! :) isn't it GREAT?!?!?!?!

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