Thursday, May 18, 2006

If I could save time in a bottle

My mother asked me the yesterday if I was alright because I hadn't updated. LOL Who knew she checked on me every day?
I have been thinking alot lately, about how I wish I could ingrain memories into my head so I never ever forget them. My kids are growing so quickly, and this time will be done before we know it.
Some things I want to remember~
~the day we were at the zoo, we were in the reptile house, and I got the pleasure of taking my Collin around with me. Matt had Zachy and the older boys, and Collin and I just took our time. He was so fascinated. I had to lift him up to see in each cubicle. He would hollar, "YIKE!" at the sight of the snakes. One time I lifted him up to look in a tank, and we couldn't see anything. Except there were several flatish, round, smooth stones. He got SO excited and said, "LOOK MOMMY!! It's TURTLES!!" It was so cute. I had to tell him that nope, it wasn't turtles, just rocks! How I love his enthusiasm and innocence.
~Monday evening, I was sitting outside. My boys were playing with the neighbor kids. You have to understand that we live in town house type houses and our particular building is in the shape of an 'L'. We are back in a corner, and there are 4 families that live in them, but there are 8 units. We live at the end of the long side of the L and the other three families live right down at the corner of the L. They were all down there and I was just watching them. Dillon and his friend C, were on her stoop playing UNO. Collin and Zachy were riding bikes with the other two 4 year olds, and Matthew was chasing them. Everything was perfect. The breeze was blowing, and everyone was happy. Eventually, as usually happens, the hoses came out. And the water guns. And what ensued was a huge water fight. That included Matt and I on opposite teams, each with our kid teammates. I was abandoned by my teammates as they realized that they were on the losing team! LOL It was so fun to be the fun parents. The kids LOVED drenching us. And we LOVED drenching them! Lots of laughter. It is a moment I never want to forget.
~the same day at the zoo, we were walking along and Dillon hollared, "MY COUSINS!" We weren't sure what in the world he was talking about, but he took us to the warthog exhibit! He thinks since he has warts, surely they must be his cousins! Goof ball
~yesterday, we were in the car, and Dillon was wearing his visor upside down and sideways. I told him he couldn't wear it like that because everyone would think he was a punk. I had to explain to him what a punk was, and he said, "oh no, I am NOT a punk" But, Collin caught on and immediately said, 'Dillon's name is punkin, and I'm going to EAT him!' LOL So once we got out of the van there was lots of chomping of the teeth! It was funny.
~and last but not least, last night, Collin and Zachy were supposed to be upstairs in their beds going to sleep. It didn't take long for them to be downstairs with us. And they both promptly went and snuggled up in Matt's arms. I wish I had a camera, it was priceless.
That's it for now. Gotta go be with the boys.

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