Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm stuck in the 90s

I started scrapbooking in 1998.
Back then, you were quite limited to stickers. There weren't all the fun embellishments there are today.
I want to scrap our Disney trip...badly. Yet, I'm so stuck. I want to do these new techniques, but I don't know how.
There's all sorts of fun stuff these days, and yet I'm stuck with STICKERS! So sad. For one thing, all the new stuff is $$$$$...but still, I like it.
My best friend is coming here in June. She started scrapping when she came to visit me after Z was born. She had never scrapped before. Now she teaches classes. She does absolutely awesome work, and I'm a bit envious.
She knows when she comes, that she must bring all her scrapping supplies so she can teach me...and yank me out of the 90s!!


Vicki said...

I tried to call you today. For some reason, I really just had the urge to talk to you on the phone. I didn't get an answer... but then I am not even sure that I have the right number. At any rate, I thought I would mention it.

Shane said...

sounds like fun -- maybe i'll try nude scrapbooking ;)

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